Friday, February 5, 2010

Info About Daro

  • Distance between SK Tebaang and Daro Town is 21km by Car or Motorcycle it takes about 20 minutes.
  • Most teachers live around "Kampong Baru" area which is 5km away from Daro.
  • Cruising area in the evening and place for hanging out called "Open Air" which is the only food court in Daro and the most happening.
  • The most famous muslim restaurant called "Alida Cafe" around town area, they served famous home-made food Nasi Campur and Laksa Sarawak. Most teachers will hang out right there after finished work from school.
  • Not much activities going on during the day, except football and badminton around 5-7pm in field and court community center.
  • On weekend, you may able go to "Sibu", "Sarikei" or "Mukah" for site view and release tension stay away from Daro.
  • Sibu will take about 2 hour and half by Boat Express cost (RM18.00).
  • Sarikei will take about 1 hour and half by Boat Express cost (RM17.00).
  • Mukah will take approximately about 2 hour and half which is about 124km away from Daro, you may take Van Service Taxi charge you about RM15.00 or you may go by Car but not recommended to go by Motorcycle. On the journey to Mukah you will getting to ferry about 15-20min charge RM1.00 for each vehicle.
  • The only available banking service in Daro is Agro Bank. Unfortunately the ATM machine still not been install yet, mean everything have to be manually.
  • One more things that you need to be prepared when being in Daro, you will face to the issue of high tide water depend on moon of certain months between 6-9pm sometimes happened in the morning as well.
  • Is very important to get motorcycle if you want survive in this small town Daro.
  • Sharp 8pm most of the shop here are closed and finished their services.
  • Last but not least NO KFC or McDonald and hard to get pharmacy shop in here.

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